About Us

About Us

Warung Semana

Warung Semana was founded by Mrs. Shindy Tanjung Sari in 2020. The word Warung Semana was taken from an ancient village in the Mambal area, namely Semana Village which is on the border of Badung regency and Ubud.  At first, Warung Semana was specially sold a traditional Balinese food.  However, day by day Warung Semana has served various types of food, both traditional, national and western.

  The Special food at Warung Semana is the kampung grilled chicken which tastes very traditional Balinese.  Kampung grilled chicken served with a spesial Sambal matah (balinese traditional sambal) and Kampung Grilled Chicken is the icon of the Warung Semana.





Why Choose Us !!

Warung Semana has a vision to introduce the local culture and Balinese traditional food with affordable prices. We focus on the food quality and offer a wonderful natural, rural view. We will guarantee for all our customers that they will definitely not be bored to eat and enjoy the view at Warung Semana.

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Traditional Balinese Food

Warung Semana is a restaurant that provides traditional Balinese food

Affordable Price

Good food, good view, and the importance is We offer a “Good Price”

Traditional Market

We also provide Balinese snacks with a shopping system using the Tempoe Doeloe concept (money kepeng)

Coffee Shop

We have “Made Coffee” drink coffee with view

Live Music

Enjoy your food and view at Warung Semana with Live Music from us

Free Wifi

Warung Semana provide wifi that can be used for all warung semana’s customer